The face's cutaneous wrinkles treatment by Co2 pulse laser

This new treatment revolutionized the treatment of face wrinkles. It has been used in the United States since 1993 and since 1995 in France.
I was one of the first surgeons to practice this technique in France.
In the long term this technique will replace other techniques of mechanical dermabrasion or deep peelings because its safety and the quality of its results are superior.
The CO2 Pulse Laser carries out a controlled destruction of the different surface layers of the skin by vaporization.

The CO2 Pulse Laser is used in the treatment of:

 - lip and eyelid wrinkles,
 - face wrinkles if these wrinkles were caused by the sun,
 - the scarring after-effects of acne.

The Laser can be associated with plastic surgery (eyelids, face lift…) or used alone.

You must understand that this Laser is not useful for muscular wrinkles (face, eyebrows) or if there is an excess of skin (bajoues…). Plastic surgery should then be used.

We can use the CO2 Pulse Laser under local anaesthesia without hospitalization (for example for the lips) or under reinforced local anaesthesia (neurolept analgesia) for larger surfaces which entails hospitalization for a day.


Post-operative treatment:

You often underestimate the effects of the CO2 Pulse Laser,
You must provide for eight days without any socio-professional activity,
You will suffer swelling for a few days,
You will have to clean your skin by carefully following my instructions,
You will be able to wear make up and hide the flush of your skin after eight days and start your activities again,
The flush will vanish after a few weeks (the average time is two months). During this period, a covering make-up (foundation) is necessary,
A more tanned aspect of the skin is possible after treatment by Laser in the weeks which follow, I will then give you a cream to treat this hyper-pigmentation,
Exposure to the sun is advised against for a year. You will protect yourselves with a total protection sun cream.

The result will be an improvement of the condition of your skin. It will be smoother, more regular, more tonic and you will look younger. Its aspect will improve even more after six months, because of the increase of the synthesis of its collagen.