Before the surgery:

You asked me what was the minimum age to perform this operation.
I explained that the ears finished their growth around the age of 6 or 7 and that it was then possible to correct their deformation.
Usually, the deformation is due to the fact that the cartilage does not form the necessary fold to bring back the edge of the ear backwards.

The surgery:

The intervention consists of folding this cartilage. I use an incision placed behind the external part of the ear, behind the future fold, which will be completely invisible. The cartilage is weakened and folded to obtain the desired form. It is maintained in the right position by a few deep stitches and the cutaneous incision is closed. A bandage is applied to keep the correct shape.


Operational follow-up:

The bandage will be removed, more or less quickly according to circumstances of each case. There will be a post-operative control 8 to 10 days after the intervention; with a possible removal of the stitches (I sometimes use self-reabsorbing stitches).

However it will be necessary to maintain the ears in the right position by wearing a slightly elastic bandage for approximately six weeks, so that the cartilage heals in properly. The ear can be rather sensitive for a few weeks. The final result can be assessed only after 6 months.


Important remark:

I pointed out that this operation is usually carried out under local anaesthetic, the hospitalization being limited. However for children under the age of  9 or 10 it is necessary to put them to sleep completely.