Before the surgery:

You asked me for advice about your face, and I examined you to establish what could be done concerning the following areas:

            -  lowering your eyebrows,
            - the horizontal wrinkles, in the middle of the forehead,
            - vertical wrinkles, created between the eyebrows as a result of frowning. There also often exists on this spot an excess of skin which encroaches upon the root of the nose.

If a face lift had been considered, I showed you how an association with the forehead face lift often permitted to smooth out the area of the temples and give a better overall harmony to the various parts of the face.

The surgery:

The incision is dissimulated in the hair and is invisible. It will allow the “unfolding” of the forehead and repositioning of the ends of the eyebrows (which tend to droop with ageing and gives a sad aspect to the expression).

I pointed out to you that this operation, by lifting up the eyebrows, would retighten the upper eyelids and that it had to be taken into account if one considered an intervention on the eyelids. There is no sectioning of the skin or scalp; the result is thus very natural.

Face wrinkles ans "lion" wrinkles:

This intervention allows the attenuation of the frontal muscle’s strength, responsible for causing horizontal wrinkles and the muscles responsible for « lion » wrinkles. The operation permits a significant reduction in these various wrinkles, while retaining the mobility of the eyebrows and face.

After the surgery:

I explained that the traces left by this operation disappear in a few days, except in the case of a eyelid bruise, which can last from ten to fifteen days. The scar located in the hair is immediately easily hidden, because the hair is not shaved.

The result is spectacular during the first few weeks, because the oedema causes all the wrinkles to disappear. However they reappear, but highly attenuated compared to the initial state. The results of this operation are durable, a fact I have been able to witness by experience.


Frontal endoscopic face lift:

This intervention is carried out using VIDEO with incisions hidden in the scalp. It can be carried out without hospitalization, just by using simple postoperative follow-up.

I recommend it for isolated forehead wrinkles. It can be associated with eyelid surgery or a traditional face lift.